J.LUX Fashion is a contemporary store offering unique, high quality women’s and men’s designer fashion. We carry the very latest and hottest in fashion trends from comfy casual to that special night out.

About J.LUX Fashion

Hello! My name is Kelly Prust and I am the owner of J.LUX Fashion. Ever since I was a young girl I dreamed of owning my own clothing store. Throughout my career I continuously pursued opportunities to build my expertise in the fashion industry in hopes of one day making my dreams a reality - and that day has finally come.

Throughout my journey to get where I am today my biggest advocate was my Mother, Jeannie who passed away in 2018. I truly believe this has all happened as a result of my Mother’s influence and is what inspired the name J.LUX Fashion. The ‘J’ stands for Jeannie and LUX is Latin for light - so J.LUX is Jeannie’s light. It is my way of dedicating my dream coming true to my amazing Mom - I promise to make you proud, Mom!